rise gymnastics

Head Over Heels incorporates the new British Gymnastics’ recreational gymnastic programme called Rise Gymnastics across all our classes.

Head Over Heels incorporates the new British Gymnastics programme called Rise Gymnastics.

The three phases of the programme – Discover, Explore and Excel takes our gymnasts on a progressive journey from their first steps into gymnastics all the way through to advanced skills.

All gymnastics skills are underpinned by the Fundamental Movement Patterns of balance, spring, locomotion and rotation.


The Discover phase for pre-schoolers helps children progress and achieve at their own pace, whilst exploring through play. Through themed activities the children will use their imagination to help them develop physical movement at an early age. 


Rise Gymnastics Explore for the school age gymnasts is progressive, fun and engaging, providing gymnasts with the opportunity to shine, regardless of previous ability or experience.


Rise Gymnastics Excel, is for the more experienced and ambitious gymnasts, giving them the opportunity to increase confidence and develop skills even further.

One programme – three phases – opportunities for everyone.

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