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Preschool & School Age Gymnastics

We pride ourselves on our quality of coaching, friendliness and professionalism.

Head Over Heels offer a range of classes in Rogerstone, Newport, South Wales.
Parent and child gymnastics for under 2 years and for 2-4 years, independent preschool gymnastics and school age gymnastics for 4-11 year olds.

Our members start from as young as 7 months, through to 11 years of age. Our classes offer the children a range of benefits; physical, intellectual and social. Through providing an opportunity for physical development in the essential basic skills of movement and co-ordination, we develop the building blocks for all sports as the children get older and progress to other activities.

Children improve their flexibility, balance, co-ordination, body-awareness and strength. In doing so, they develop their confidence and self-esteem. Children learn listening skills and to face challenges with confidence.

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